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Concepts & Terminologies

Germain is a highly customizable platform that offers real-time alerting, monitoring, insights, and automation capabilities. To better understand the platform, let's explore some key entities and concepts within Germain:

Data Source

Represents a software or hardware component (e.g., file, browser, server, application, database, network switch) from which data is collected. Germain can gather data from various sources to provide comprehensive monitoring capabilities.

KPI (Key Performance Indicator)

A quantifiable measure used to evaluate the success or performance of a process, function, user, application, etc. KPIs help assess and track performance objectives within Germain.

SLA (Service-Level Agreement)

Defines the expected level of service to be provided by an organization. SLAs can be configured in Germain to set performance thresholds and monitor compliance.


An automated transaction performed by Germain for proactive issue detection, reporting, alerting, or resolution. Examples include sending an email, executing a synthetic user login, making a web service call, or performing an SQL execution.


Represents a section of the Germain dashboard that is driven by KPIs. Portlets allow users to visualize specific information or metrics in a customizable manner.


Part of the Germain user interface or workspace, a dashboard consists of one or multiple portlets. Dashboards can be customized to display relevant information and are accessible to specific users or teams.


A document generated by Germain in formats such as PDF, CSV, or HTML. Reports can be automatically generated or manually produced based on the configured parameters.


Describes the connections between entities within Germain. For example, a data source can have multiple associated KPIs, a KPI can be displayed in multiple portlets, and a dashboard can contain multiple portlets.

AA Unit (Analytics and Automation Unit)

Represents the measure of data analysis and automated transactions performed by the Germain client. AA Units are categorized based on types, such as events, availability, metrics, latency, and transactions. They are consumed based on usage, and daily AA Units are limited by the AA Unit SAAS License.


When a KPI specifies AA Units, it defines the applicable units based on type, category, and name. This hierarchical structure allows users to have fine-grained control over the consumption of AA Units for specific KPIs.

Germain provides tools, such as the "Germain Unit" dashboard and KPIs, to monitor and manage AA Units usage. These tools enable users to allocate units according to their specific requirements and effectively utilize the analytics and automation capabilities of the platform.

By leveraging these entities and concepts, Germain empowers users to monitor, analyze, and automate their data-driven processes, enabling better decision-making and proactive management of their systems.

Germain AA Unit Dashboard

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