This guide will walk you through setting up a small Germain UX environment, suitable for testing. This configuration is not recommended for production environments.

Hardware Requirements

  • CPU with at least 4 cores

  • 32 GB of RAM

  • 100 GB of disk space

Software Requirements

  • docker

  • docker-compose


  1. Download and extract the Germain UX package

    cd /opt
    tar xzf germainux-quickstart-2023.1.tgz

  2. Deploy your license key

    cd germainux
    echo <your license key> > config/license.key


  3. Deploy client distribution files (optional)

    unzip -d data/server/dist/2023.1

  4. Update email settings (optional)
    Update the email settings in the included file to match your SMTP server:

  5. Start containers

    docker-compose -f germainux.yaml up -d --force-recreate

    This will start up the containers necessary to run Germain UX and create the default schemas and OOTB config. The individual containers will generate log output under the data directory.

    This process will take a few minutes to complete - you should see the system CPU utilization spike and the drop once the services had completed their startup.

  6. Verify that all containers are running:

    docker ps

  7. Connect to the Germain UX workspace
    By default, the workspace can be accessed on port 8080 using the default credentials (admin / admin):

  8. Stop containers

    docker-compose -f germainux.yaml down