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Most of what Germain monitors for Siebel is preconfigured. We recommend fine tuning every monitoring features that Germain is preconfigured for, to make it a perfect fit to your environments and needs.

KPIs for Siebel

Errors Seen by Siebel Users (Automated analysis)

Build a list of Siebel User Errors to watch out for

Germain UX allows to map all Siebel custom error codes to their corresponding display messages visible to your end users. To configure this mapping please follow the below steps:

  • Extract all of your Siebel Error codes using errmsg.exe Siebel’s utility (available only on Windows platforms). Siebel keeps these codes in the resource catalogs (,,,, …) in the %SIEBEL_ROOT%\bin\%language_folder%. Example below shows how to extract these codes from Siebel resource catalog in English language format:

    %SIEBEL_ROOT%\bin\errmsg.exe /l ENU enu\ > errors.txt
  • Review errors.txt output file and find all of your custom errors, e.g.

    SBL-GEN-02011 Error parsing Siebel message file header: incorrect facility name
  • Once all custom error code extracted from the errors.txt file, insert them into SIEBEL_ERROR_CODE_MAPPING table available in your Germain UX Datastore. Example below for MySQL database:

INSERT INTO SIEBEL_ERROR_CODE_MAPPING (CODE,MESSAGE) VALUES ('SBL-GEN-02011','Error parsing Siebel message file header: incorrect facility name');

Crashes of Siebel Object Manager (Automated Analysis)

Exclude Siebel Components from Monitoring

You will not always be using all components available to you in Siebel, so you may need to exclude some from monitoring.

To exclude Siebel components we will need to create a reference called “ExcludedComponents” on the monitor.

Go to you monitor and click the (plus) to the right of “References”

Siebel Availability Monitor - Germain UX

Enter the name as “ExcludedComponents” and enter the names of the components is a comma seperated list as you see below.

Configuration Reference - Germain UX


Feature Availability: 8.6.0 or later

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