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Monitoring & Analytics - Synthetic User Click mechanism (better than HP Loadrunner)


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Germain has now the ability to execute Synthetic User Click(any) against any web application (for web application built in html and/or JS such  Angular, MarkoJS, ReactJS, Siebel OUI,, etc)

This mechanism is better than HP Load Runner (or any other tools that are intended to simulate users logging on to a web portal via HTTP/S, yet this new mechanism isn't built to perform Load Test 🙂 ) because it checks upon the actual HTML rendering, JS execution and HTTP responses (HP Loadrunner only checks upon HTTP responses e.g. HP can detect if the "Welcome" message does not show up, but may not detect if a portion of a html page is missing or failing...HP may miss many production issues like this one, that users would typically be affected by)

Note: Germain still support Synthetic Transaction via HTTP/S (for 24x7 web portal availability check, integration availability check, etc) however, and as explain above, this new Synthetic User Click mechanism is much better at identifying user-related issues.


Proactive monitoring of a web application and detection of user issues before users experience the issues.

Configuration & example: synthetic user click

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