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Errors that affect Business


Ignore the noise and focus on the issues that are critical to your Business (Users or Processes).

Germain has the ability to help you understand the impact, at scale, of any errors on the end-user or business operations. It helps separate critical errors from benign ones and also identifies the new ones.

Video overview:

Broken Links (Dynamic & static)

GermainUX identifies two types of broken links: dynamic and static.

  • Dynamic broken links
    That is when a user(s) clicked on a page (anywhere) or on a link, and that failed (produced an error e.g. 404, etc).

  • Static broken links
    These are broken links that proactively found by GermainUX (via its Crawler) and would affect user(s).

User Error Analysis at Scale

Errors, Broken Links (…) that affect user(s) can be visualized at scale to help identify which ones affect the users the most.


Example of User Errors at Scale - Germain UX

User Error on User Session Replay

Then you can drilldown and replay that error or broken links, via the User Session Replay dashboard.

User Errors on Replay of User Session Dashboard

Technology Error Monitoring

Similar to User Monitoring, GermainUX has the ability to monitor errors with various features to help diagnose the ones that most affect business and technology performance. More details here.

Beginning with version 2023.4, managing error exclusion or inclusion on a portlet has become easier. Watch this video for an overview of this enhancement:

Feature Availability: 2022.1 or later

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