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Datastore Recommendation and Benchmark

Elasticsearch is the recommended datastore for Germain. It is a powerful and scalable search and analytics engine that is well-suited for storing and retrieving large volumes of data in real-time.

In addition to Elasticsearch, Germain also supports other databases such as MySQL, Oracle, and PostgreSQL. These databases are commonly used in enterprise environments and provide robust storage and retrieval capabilities.

If you have specific requirements or preferences for using a different database, Germain may be able to provide support for additional databases as well. It is recommended to contact Germain directly to discuss your specific needs and explore the possibility of integrating with a different database solution.

Choosing the appropriate datastore is an important decision as it affects the performance, scalability, and reliability of your Germain deployment. It is advisable to evaluate the specific requirements of your environment and consult with Germain experts to determine the best datastore option for your use case.

Benchmark of Aurora vs MySQL vs Elastic

Here are the internal testing results for the performance of Germain using different AWS RDS instances:

  1. AWS RDS for Aurora
    The benchmark was conducted using Aurora with MySQL 5.7 compatibility. The data volume during the benchmark was 3 TB, with an insertion rate of 300-400 million AA units per day.

  2. MySQL 5.7
    The benchmark was performed using MySQL 5.7 as the database. Similar to the previous scenario, the data volume was 3 TB, and the insertion rate was 300-400 million AA units per day.

  3. Elastic 7.13
    This benchmark utilized Elastic 7.13 as the database technology. The data volume during the test was 3 TB, and the insertion rate was again in the range of 300-400 million AA units per day.

These benchmarks were conducted to assess the performance of Germain in handling a significant data volume and insertion rate. The results provide insights into the performance achieved with the mentioned database technologies.

It's important to note that these results are based on internal testing and specific configurations. The actual performance may vary depending on factors such as hardware specifications, network conditions, data distribution, and workload patterns in your specific deployment.

For a more accurate assessment of performance and to determine the best-suited database technology for your use case, it is recommended to consult with Germain experts who can provide detailed guidance based on your specific requirements and environment.

Benchmark of Germain UX on MySQL vs Elastic

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