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Monitoring & Analytics - User Replay (on MarkoJS)


Germain's User Replay feature showing what a User did while browsing a web application built in MarkoJS/NodeJS.

Example: 1-min video of User Replay on MarkoJS/NodeJS

And other examples:

Real User Session Replay for a user that browsed HTTPS://ANGULAR.IO (AngularJS framework, Html5, Javascript)

Real User Session Replay for a user that browsed HTTPS://AZURE.MICROSOFT.COM (Html5, Javascript, Jquery)

Real USer Session Replay for a user that browsed Siebel CRM Open UI (Html5, Javascript, Jquery)

In addition, this User Session Replay feature allows you to monitor and watch any users on any web application (built in any flavor of HTML/JS), as if you were watching each User's browser behind their shoulders. User Replays/Videos are a complete reconstruct/recording of the User's browser, and mouse moves, clicks, typing. User Session Replay is GDPR compliant (i.e. sensitive data can be excluded, encrypted, anonymized, etc)

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