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Monitoring & Analytics - 360 degree Operational Dashboard


American Airlines, eBay, General Electric, Pepsi, Largest US-Based Healthcare, Volvo


Some of you probably think “finally” ! 🙂 we now have a new type of dashboard, that provides a 360 degree view of all your Software, Hardware, User and Business Process on one single dashboard

Difference with other dashboards?

One stop-shop for IT and Business Operations organizations.

This operation dashboard is all you need to look at, to know whether your Data Centers and your Business (Users, Processes, etc) are doing well or bad. and you can still drilldown and do all other other things you do with other dashboards...

Data is aggregated across KPIs and for as many kpis as you like. Data is coming from our our Real-Time Data engine, giving real-time insights.

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