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Customer Journey


Germain UX can be configured to monitor the Customer Journey or Know Your Customer (KYC) process in near real-time and 24x7. This monitoring capability allows businesses to track and analyze the entire customer journey, from the initial interaction to the completion of the KYC process.

By monitoring the customer journey, Germain UX captures valuable data and insights at each stage of the process. This includes user interactions, behaviors, application performance, errors, and other relevant metrics. The monitoring can be configured to track specific touchpoints and actions within the KYC process, providing a comprehensive view of the customer's experience.

The near real-time monitoring ensures that businesses have up-to-date information on how customers are progressing through the KYC process. This enables them to identify any bottlenecks, issues, or areas for improvement promptly. By continuously monitoring the customer journey, Germain UX helps businesses optimize the KYC process, enhance customer satisfaction, and ensure compliance with regulatory requirements.

With 24x7 monitoring, Germain UX provides uninterrupted visibility into the customer journey, allowing businesses to proactively address any issues or challenges that may arise. This helps in improving the overall efficiency, effectiveness, and success rate of the KYC process.

In summary, Germain UX's configuration for monitoring the Customer Journey or KYC process in near real-time and 24x7 enables businesses to gain valuable insights, optimize the process, and deliver a seamless and satisfactory experience to their customers.

Customer Journey spanning across channels

Monitor the complete journey of a customer interacting with your organization and understand the customer’s interests, issues, and time spent with your organization, then act on it to further optimize that journey.

Examples of a KYC Business Process and real-time insights provided by Germain UX:

  • Clients go to a the Bank Branch to open new account (saving, checking, etc)

  • Clients go on the Bank’s online website to manage his/her checking account

  • Client calls the Bank for some questions

  • Client chats online with a Bank CSR to get answers to some questions

Flow graph, Funnel or other portlet types are available for top level and real-time visualization.

Use case: A Bank monitors KYC / Customer Journey using Germain UX

Multi-Channel KYC/Customer Journey - Germain UX

Customer Journey for eCommerce - Germain UX

Customer Journey for Insurance - Germain UX

Student Journey for School - Germain UX

Video example:

Here are details on how to configure real-time business process mining: Customer Journey Configuration.

Customer Behavior, Interests and Issues

When that journey consumes significant time on an eCommerce or other web portal, analyze the customer’s behavior and interests with Germain’s Real User Session Monitoring and Session Replay, in real-time.

Customer Feedback

While on your eCommerce or website, allow the customer to provide feedback either with Germain’s Feedback Popup or integrate a 3rd-party ChatBot technology and configure Germain to give you some insights on how well the AI-guidance or actual conversation went, in real-time.

Service: Analytics

Feature Availability: 2021.3 or later

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