Reconstruct/Replay User Session feature available is now available via "Active Users" portlet

This portlet existed before..yet now if you drill down on it, you can view the "reconstructed/recorded sessions" of each users and replay/view these user sessions, via this portlet.

A quick and easy way to support, in realtime, a web user that is experiencing an issue and calling helpdesk about it, as this will let your Helpdesk support engineer "view" where that user is stuck or what issue that user experienced (if his/her name isnt configured to be anonymized of course! 



  • These dashboards (CX, UX, PX,...) are preconfigured, and configurable. you can add/remove any of the portlet, fields, values on any of these dashboard, define drilldowns, etc - below metrics are some of the new metrics we now deliver OOTB/preconfigured but these are just examples, you can then slide and dice these metrics in anyway you like)
  • The above UX Metric has been achieved via different ways/configuration (depending the client's technologies, data sources and requirements).