Germain has the ability to monitor Salesforce Experience Cloud, 24x7, real-time, to improve User Experience, and as such:

  • Real User Monitoring and Insights

  • Application Performance Monitoring and Insights

  • Workflow Performance Monitoring and Insights

  • and others


Deploy Germain RUM JS

For Real User Monitoring of SFDC Experience Cloud

Important Note: Salesforce Experience Cloud and Salesforce Cloud are two separate ecosystems. Germain monitors SF Experience Cloud via the injection of its JS, and SF Cloud apps via the deployment of browser extension(s)

Deploy Germain Engine

For real-time monitoring, analytics and automation of SFDC Experience Cloud

Deploy Germain JS Profiler

For SFDC Javascript Analysis

Deploy Germain Android App

For monitoring of Native SFDC Android App Users

Deploy Germain RPA BOT Recorder (Browser Extension)

To detect SFDC issues before SFDC users get to experience them

Deploy Germain Code Profiler

To analyze Back-end Code execution time (e.g. you have a NodeJS app integrated with Experience Cloud and need to analyze Nodejs code execution in real-time)