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Customer: Largest US-Based Healthcare


Here is an example of how Germain is providing valuable UX insights to a client by monitoring its users 24x7. The client has developed a custom applet on , specifically a "quick search" feature. They required specific insights from this applet, and Germain is now delivering these insights in near real-time.

By monitoring the usage and interactions within the custom applet, Germain enables the client to gain a deeper understanding of how users engage with the feature. The client receives continuous insights into user behavior, performance metrics, and any potential issues or friction points that may arise during the quick search process.

With Germain's 24x7 monitoring capabilities, the client can identify patterns, trends, and user preferences related to the applet. This information can be leveraged to optimize the applet's design, functionality, and overall user experience. By continuously monitoring the users and their interactions with the custom applet, Germain helps the client stay informed about any changes or challenges that may arise and take proactive steps to address them.

The real-time and near real-time insights provided by Germain empower the client to make data-driven decisions, enhance user satisfaction, and drive improved performance within their environment.

Custom Quick Search applet:

Germain dashboard reporting real-time UX insights about this Quick Search applet:

(sample data)


Similar benefits can be provide to other apps, this is not specific to

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