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We are thrilled to announce that one of the largest clients has successfully implemented Germain! This client required comprehensive real-time monitoring and insights for their application and its users. They also needed the capability to reproduce and diagnose user issues, identify root causes, and address any integration problems. Furthermore, they sought to correlate events between , their web portal, and their ERP system. With over 8,000 daily users on their account, this client needed a robust solution.

During the evaluation process, the client compared Germain with other tools such as Shield ( 's monitoring tool), Dynatrace, and Splunk, as they had licenses for all four. It became evident that Germain stood out from the rest by offering complementary capabilities to the client's existing technologies. The versatility of Germain allowed it to seamlessly integrate and enhance the client's monitoring infrastructure.

Not only did the client choose Germain for their monitoring needs, but they have also decided to retain Germain over Dynatrace and Splunk for their Java application. This demonstrates the client's confidence in Germain's ability to deliver superior monitoring and diagnostic capabilities across multiple technology stacks.

With Germain's implementation, the client now has a comprehensive monitoring solution that provides real-time insights, user issue reproduction, root-cause analysis, and event correlation. They can effectively monitor and optimize their application, ensuring smooth operations and an enhanced user experience for their extensive user base.

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