We’re excited to announce that one of the biggest SalesForce.com clients went live with Germain! This client needed complete real-time monitoring and insights of its SalesForce.com application and users. They also needed the ability to reproduce user issues, then identify the root-cause of those user issues – along with any integration issues. Finally, they needed to have the ability to correlate events that occur between SalesForce.com, its web portal and its ERP system. More than 8,000 users use this client’s SalesForce.com account every day. 

This client compared Germain with Shield (SalesForce.com's own monitoring tool), Dynatrace and Splunk, as this client has had licenses for all four. It’s clear that Germain is beyond comparable, as its different in that it’s able to complement the client’s technologies.  

That same client has already retained Germain over Dynatrace and Splunk for its Java application.