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Quiet Time Period


Quiet Time is a period of time after an Alert is used by an SLA where Germain will refrain from activating that Alert again. Once the Quiet Time expires, the Alert can be activated by that SLA again.

That will help you not being spammed (i.e. received many email alert) by a single issue that Germain identified.


Setting Global Quiet Time Duration

The quiet time period is configurable in the Germain configuration console under germain.apm → monitoringConfig → systemConfig → Alerting. Quiet Time it is applicable system-wide, for all SLAs/alerts. By default it is set to 1 hour.

Enabling Quiet Time for an Alert & Setting Per Alert Quiet Time Length

  • Enabling Quiet Time → Step 6

  • Setting Quiet Time Period → Step 7

You can also configure Quiet Time on a per Alert basis. To do this:

  1. Go to the Germain Workspace


  2. Click on “Automation”

  3. Click on “Alert”

  4. Find the relevant alert and click on the background of it’s row (not on the switch or links)

  5. Scroll down past “Triggered by SLAs” and click “Show Advanced”

  6. Check the “Quiet Time Used” checkbox

  7. [OPTIONAL] Set the “Quiet Time Period” for this Alert (In seconds)

  8. Save

Customize an Email Alert

  • firstOccurred = The first time the issue was detected. Typically, this would be the beginning of the 1st quiet time period

  • Occurrences = Counter of how many time the issue was recorded since then. If quiet time is used, we only send another email every N quiet time periods (ex: once per hour). This value summarizes how many occurrences of the issue were recorded during that time period.

Service: Automation

Feature Availability: 8.6.0 or later

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