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Schema Installation: Oracle Database

Note: It is recommended to run SQL scripts from SQL Developer or other 3rd party SQL client tools.  With sqlplus they can fail due to blank lines in the INSERT statements.

  • Extract Germain Service release file (to be referred to as $SERVICE_HOME)

  • Open "$SERVICE_HOME/install/databases/readme.txt"

  • Go to "$SERVICE_HOME/install/databases/oracle"

  • Edit "$SERVICE_HOME/install/databases/oracle/basic-setup.sql" Please update passwords "xxxx" accordingly before running the script.

  • Run SQL scripts in sequence specified in "$SERVICE_HOME/install/databases/readme.txt":

    • For file basic-*.sql, run logged in as sysdba

    • For config-*.sql", run logged in as APM_CONFIG

    • For datamart-*.sql, run logged in as APM_DATAMART