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.NET Monitoring

Features for .NET

Germain is designed to monitor the uptime, performance, and usage of .NET applications. With Germain, you can gain valuable insights into the availability, responsiveness, and overall performance of your .NET applications. Key monitoring capabilities provided by Germain for .NET applications include:

Code Profiling

Germain offers code profiling capabilities for .NET applications. It helps you identify performance hotspots, memory leaks, and inefficiencies in your code, enabling you to optimize application performance.

.Net Code Execution Analysis on Top Method Calls Portlet - Germain UX

Error Tracking and Diagnostics

Germain captures and analyzes errors and exceptions occurring in your .NET applications. It provides detailed error logs, stack traces, and contextual information to facilitate quick troubleshooting and debugging.

Dependency Monitoring

Germain monitors the dependencies of your .NET applications, such as databases, external services, or APIs. It tracks the health and performance of these dependencies and alerts you if any issues arise.

Performance Monitoring

Germain measures the performance of your .NET applications, including response times, throughput, and resource utilization. It helps you identify performance bottlenecks, optimize code, and ensure smooth user experiences.

Uptime Monitoring

Germain tracks the availability and uptime of your .NET applications. It continuously checks if your applications are up and running, and alerts you in real-time if any issues or downtime occur.

Usage Monitoring

Germain provides visibility into the usage patterns of your .NET applications. It tracks user interactions, session durations, page views, and other relevant metrics to help you understand how your applications are being used and identify areas for improvement.

Custom Metrics and Dashboards

Germain allows you to define custom metrics and create personalized dashboards to monitor specific aspects of your .NET applications. You can track business-specific metrics, application-specific performance indicators, or any other relevant data. List of preconfigured KPIs for .Net

By leveraging Germain's monitoring capabilities for .NET applications, you can ensure the uptime, performance, and usage of your applications, leading to improved user experiences and efficient application management."


.NET Application Performance Monitoring

.Net Code Profiler

.NET Real User Monitoring


.NET Application Performance Monitoring

.NET Code Profiler

.NET Real User Monitoring 

Feature Availability: 8.6.0 or later


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