Move a Germain Engine from one Node to another.


Using the Config Console, we will disable and export the Engine, then import the Engine at it’s new location.

  • Locate the engine in question.

  • Config Console → Monitoring Nodes → [Target Engines Current Node] → Engines → [Target Engine]

  • Disable the Engine.

  • Click Download

  • Copy the raw json to clipboard

  • Navigate to the Target Node

  • Open one of the engines and click “Rest Client”

  • Modify the “Qualified Name” to the use the name of the Engine you are importing. For this example:

– Changes to –

  • Paste the raw json into the “Request Body” and click execute. As long as you updated the “Qualified Name”, it will not overwrite the engine you clicked into.

    • The “Response” Body should be 1.

  • Remember to enable the engine in it’s new location.

  • Remember to remove the Engine entry on the previous Node once the new one is confirmed to be working.