Steps to move a Germain “engine” from SERVER38162 to SERVER38151


  1. Copy the following files from SERVER38162 –

    1. .../system/osb-engines.service

    2. .../germain/engines/osb-engine/*       (copy entire directory osb-engines)

  2. Copy files to SERVER38151

    1. .../system/osb-engines.service

    2. .../germain/engines/osb-engine/*      

  3. On SERVER38151, modify the following file –

    1. .../germain/engines/osb-engine/config/

    2. Change the following line to SERVER38151

  4. Start the engine using the following command –

    1. systemctl start osb-engines

  5. Approve the session from Germain State

    1. You will see an entry like below for prod-osb- SERVER38151

    2. the lock icon will be unlocked

    3. click this icon to approve the session

    4. once approved, the icon will be locked

  6. We need to copy the config from prod-osb- rp000038161 to prod-osb- SERVER38151

  7. Click prod-osb- rp000038161 from the list of nodes

  8. From this list, half the engines should be copied to SERVER38151

  9. Click on any engine. E.g. apsrp06083

  10. Click Move

  11. Select prod-osb-SERVER38151 from the drop-down list

  12. Repeat steps 7-13 for the engines you want to move