A number of KPIs are preconfigured in Germain and these ones are to help you detect downtime of technologies.

You can create your own KPI, and we can do it for you (support@germainux.com).

KPI Name

KPI Description

Database Availability

Availability of monitored databases

Database Free Temp Space

The amount of space (in kilobytes) available in tempdb

Database Process Utilization

Percentage of max. available processes used

Database Session Utilization

Percentage of max. available sessions used

HTTP Availability

NET Uptime

Java Heap Available

Percent of total JVM heap available.

Java Non-Heap Available

Guaranteed non-heap size available to a JVM.

Process Uptime

Process uptime

Server Availability

Availabilty of monitored servers

Service Availability

Availability of Operating System services

Siebel Component Availability

Siebel Availability per Component

Siebel HTTP Availability

Siebel Server Availability

Global Siebel Server Availability (Up or Down)

Tomcat Uptime

WebLogic JDBC Num Available

The number of database connections that are currently idle and available to be used by applications in this instance of the data source.

WebLogic JDBC Num Unavailable

The number of connections currently in use by applications or being tested in this instance of the data source.

Manage KPI

Via Wizard

Germain Workspace > Left Menu > Wizards > KPI

Via KPI Screen

Germain Workspace > Left Menu > Analytics > KPI

Via Rule - for Complex KPI

If the KPI Wizard or Screen aren’t enough, another way of creating your own KPI is to create a Rule.