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Find loss of productivity at HR Solution Provider

The Situation

An HR Solution Provider was on a mission to streamline its processes and boost productivity. To achieve this goal, they turned to Germain for expert guidance. The challenge? Uncovering the sources of inefficiency among their massive team of HR Plan setters who work with brokers and carriers every day. The solution? Germain: a real-time analytics platform that digs deep to identify problem areas, pinpoint causes, and offer innovative solutions to overcome them. This HR Solution Provider is continuously improving its process and as such chose Germain to help find loss of productivity among its hundreds of employees involved in setting up HR Plans to Brokers and Carriers. That client needed a real-time analytics solution that is able to identify where inefficiencies occur, what causes them and possibly ideas around addressing them.



We quickly enabled our client to:

  1. Have Germain monitor SFDC, in real-time, 24x7.

  2. Have Germain monitor its HR app, in real-time, 24x7.

  3. Configured a dashboard that provides insights on employee and process inefficiencies.

Implementation time breakdown:

  • Requirement – 2 hours

  • IT Resource allocation – 2 hours

  • Configuration (internal to Germain) – 1 day

    • Chrome Extension deployment

    • Data Privacy setting

    • Process Configuration

  • Manual Data Analysis and Recommendation (Germain) – 1 day


Germain monitors the Client's HR Plan Administration Application and SFDC instance, around the clock and in real-time. The comprehensive analysis measures the time it takes employees to administrate HR plans for each carrier and broker, breaking down every step along the way. With this level of detail, Germain can uncover the root causes of productivity losses and provide actionable insights to help the client optimize their applications and processes for maximum efficiency.

Germain provides insights in real-time, 24x7. Now the client detects when:

  • Too many users are involved in a single process and too many round trips exist among them, resulting in unnecessary delay.

  • Many users waste time setting up fields and editing emails, or copying-pasting information when the data could be auto-prepopulated.

  • Users wait minutes for the HR app’s internal processing to complete.

  • Several clicks on the same field are required for it to respond.

  • Users go off on a tangent, doing things the business team never expected.

Examples of Insights

Lost Productivity and Time Spent (at scale, for all employees, brokers & carriers)

Insights fro BizOps
Setup Process (end-2-end)

Drillthrough o Business Process

Time Breakdown by Process Phase / Employee:

Time Breakdown by Process Phase Employee

User Behavior Insights (Confusion, inefficiencies, etc)

Too many manual user actions wasting precious time. Employees had to to copy-paste or manually complete fields and write/edit many emails

On the SFDC app

Salesforce User Replay

On the HR Application

HR application monitoring

Technology Insights (Poor Design, Error, Non-responsive UI, etc)

We also discovered that the internal Web App was sometimes at fault.
An unresponsive portion of the UI required employees to click several times.

Technology Insights (Poor Design, Error, Non-responsive UI, etc)

Rage Click icon:

Rage Click Icon

Automatic processing was found to take minutes to complete. It was never reported as being an issue as that was part of the design.

Germain found that each employee waited ~3.5 hour/day for this above processing to complete.

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