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Maintenance of Germain UX


Remotely Maintain Germain UX via State Dashboard

Germain State dashboard is part of Germain UX Workspace, and has been designed to help you manage Germain UX’s Components and Services.

State Dashboard on Germain UX workspace

Remotely Enable Logging

Remotely Troubleshoot any of the Germain Software entities (Engine, Enterprise, Node, etc)

Enable or Disable Log Level of Any Germain Engine, Enterprise, Node

Manage Components

Ability to remotely deploy, update Germain Components.

Manage Components of Germain UX

Monitor Queues

Analyze Queues in Germain UX

Monitor Queues in Germain UX

Germain Self-Monitoring Tool/GSM

GSM is a second tool in charge of monitoring Germain UX’s availability and automatically restarting any of the Germain UX Component or Services in the event of a failure.

Germain Self-Monitoring Alert example - Germain UX

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