We cannot disclose this client's name but can share this. Conversion has been the primary area of focus for this client, and we are proud to have helped them decrease churn. The client started seeing these results once we drilled down into the customer data, identified pain points, and implemented more real-time analytics and automation. We’ve included some of the client’s issues—as well as the solutions we created—below:




  • Visitors personas

    • Monitors & analyzes client’s behavior and interest(s)

  • Consumer visits the eCommerce Site but doesn’t make an order?

    • Identifies the biggest common user frictions @ scale

    • Provides a “video replay” of the frictions

    • Identifies what product(s) the client was focused on

    • Emails the marketing organization about this missed opportunity and insights on what could be offered to the client

    • Emails the client with a separate offer (that may compel them to purchase)

  • Order fails because of failed credit card?

    • Detects the failed order

    • Emails the client with a link to allow them to enter a different credit card

    • If the client has another credit card on file, it is offered as option through that same link.

  • Products are added to the client’s cart but they don’t checkout?

    • Detects the abandoned cart and emails the client with a link reminding them to check out

    • Sends a second reminder a day or week later with a 10% discount if an order is placed that same day.

  • Site isn’t functioning well or is slower than acceptable?

    • Detects technical issues before client is on the site

    • Finds the root-cause and emails it to the IT team

    • Resolves the issue when a known solution exists and emails IT to let them know about it

    • If a client was affected, emails the client to let them know we identified an issue and resolved it