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Distribution List


Distribution lists are at the core of Alerting - they determine who should be notified when an Alert is fired.


Manage Distribution Lists

To manage the existing Distribution Lists and create new ones, go to System > Distribution Lists.

Create a Distribution List

  1. Go to System > Distribution Lists

  2. Click :plus: Add New Configuration

  3. Provide a Name for the Distribution List and click Next.

  4. The next step is to add members of this Distribution List. There are a few ways we can define a member of a Distribution List:

    1. Email Address - Allows to add a single email address to this Distribution List.

    2. Username - Allows to select a user from the Germain users to be added to this Distribution List. Emails will be sent to their configured email address.

    3. Distribution - Allows to select and existing Distribution list to allow nesting of distribution lists (e.g. Distribution List A can have a member that is Distribution List B - any alert sent to Distribution List A will be sent to Distribution List B).

    4. Team - Allows to select a Team to be added to this Distribution List, all users in the team will be alerted.

  5. The screenshot below shows that when we select Team from the Distribution Type option, we are able to select which team should be a member of this Distribution List.

  6. Add as many members as you’d like by clicking the Repeat button.

  7. Click Finish when all members have been added.

Service: Automation

Feature Availability: 8.6.0 or later

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