The Display/UI Name of the Views, Pages is now available in Germain. This makes it easier to understand what page/button (...) exactly a user clicked on. This applies to any web application (siebel,, wordpress, etc)


For Siebel CRM, 2 columns have been added in a number of the preconfigured portlets/dashboards and currently called:

  • View (UI)
  • Applet (UI)

In addition, Backend Names are still available and called "View", "Applet", etc


  • These Fields (and any others..) can be renamed/removed/moved via the $germainapm/..../config console ; the above names are just what is preconfigured in the out-of-the-box Germain
  • View/Applet are a siebel-specific terminologies, and you will find other terminologies for other applications e.g. page, portlet, etc.