Monitor, Analyze and Alert on Customer Satisfaction & Retention via this new Germain dashboard: "Customer Experience":

  • Portlet: “Technical issue during call”: count of errors and click above SLA during a Call
  • Portlet: “Waiting for call pickup” : Wait time before a CSR picks up the call
  • Portlet: “Number of call transfer per customer”: detect any customers that experienced too many call transfers and understand why 
  • Portlet: Number of Customer Interaction (email, call transfer, sms)
    • per Service Request
    • per Customer
  • Portlet: Service request Open-to-Close Avg/Max/Count
  • Portlet: Customers failing to find answers on their own
  • Portlet: Escalation Count/Analysis
  • Portlet: Negative/swear words during chat, email, voip with a customer

(Note this is a first version yet an ongoing effort as we will continue pre-configure similar metrics to help Customer Support organization)