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Chat/CTI Monitoring (Olark, ...)


Germain UX RUM JS monitors end users' interactions with 3rd party chats/CTI plugins available on the monitored web application. The following data will be collected by this generic monitoring:

  • Events

    • Chat Expanded

    • Chat Hidden

    • Chat Minimized

    • Conversation Started

    • Conversation Ended

    • Message To Operator

    • Message From Operator

  • Transactions

    • Conversation Duration

    • Operator Response Time


Web Analytics KPIs, Pivots & Measures | Chat/CTI-Monitoring-KPIs

Olark Monitoring

Meta data collected contains operator availability and operator name if available.

This data will be collected in addition to the generic events and transactions:


Olark chat events monitoring by Germain UX

Chat events

Chat conversation BP monitoring by Germain UX

Chat conversation BP

Component: RUM JS

Feature Availability: 2023.4 or later

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